Consult Your Image is all about just that, YOUR IMAGE! With an eye for style, fashion, & image we make you looking FAB our top priority. Not only will we keep you looking your best and up to date with the latest trends, but we are now extending our services in body contouring. That's right we are snatching waistlines, plumping the rump, killing cellulite, & tighten up that loose skin!  So who needs an Image Consultant on their team?


We're a small boutique facility giving each client the exclusive VIP treatment during each consultation. We all have goals we want to achieve, with image and a healthy lifestyle being top of the list. Schedule a consultation today with one of our consultants to create the best package that will get you turning heads and ENVIED BY ALL! 


Jump start our services with a healthy detox regimen. We  promote TLC Products only, We are serious about your results & we  want you to be serious as well! So start a good habit as we not only transition/sculpt your body but your mindset as well. We want you to feel as good as you look!  

Click the button below to receive a free sample  detox kit right before or after your next treatment.


So you've experienced your first treatment. Now it's time to maintain the results! Remember you made a commitment to transition your body, turn heads, & feel good abut yourself. All we ask is that you stay fit/active and to put your body first. With that said, click the button below for CYI's go to Rx for maintaining a healthy life style & a body to Envy ME!